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Fencing Products and Services for Saskatchewan Homes

Kondel Hahn Chainlink Fencing provides a variety of products and services for Saskatchewan homes and businesses. We provide free estimates for any installation or repair.

Chainlink Fence

Chainlink Fencing

Our primary product is chain link fence, which can be installed with or without slats. Chainlink fence is an easy to install, durable, weather resistant fence option. It’s also economical and versatile, adaptable for any type of environment. It is used for residential yards, school playgrounds, industrial facilities, areas along the highway, and more. Available in silver, green, brown,white and black, chain link fence can be cut to any height and length, then covered with metal beams across the top and secured with smooth metal fence posts.

Recreational Fences

Recreational Fencing

Kondel Hahn also has the products for and installs recreational fences. This includes designs for baseball diamonds, batting cages, soccer fields, football stadiums, tracks, parks, fairgrounds, arenas, and more. Recreational fencing is most often specially designed chain link fence, with panels that are several feet high.

Commerical Fences

Commerical Fencing

Our landscaping experts also supply and install commercial fences. These are most often made from aluminum or steel, with ornamental details. These include patios, pool decks, tennis and basketball courts, banks, office parks, shopping centers, parking garages, amusement parks, and several other applications. Chain link fence is also used for commercial purposes, including industrial facilities, construction work sites, and outdoor public areas. We also create fences for hotels and restaurants, including dumpster enclosures.

Entrance Gates

Enterance Gates

We also build entrance gates for commercial driveways, subdivisions, storage facilities, hospitals, gated communities, horse stables, walking trail borders, campsites, and more. For residential applications, these gates are installed at the end of driveways, in front of gardens, or any other area of your property.

Privacy Slats

Privacy Slats

Fences can be installed with or without privacy slats. Privacy slats are metal or plastic strips which are woven through sections of chain link fences. They block out light and the view between the links so you can feel comfortable in your yard or business knowing no one can see in. They are available in neutral or bright colors and can be removed easily if desired.

Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels

If your dog loves the outdoors, create a space for him to enjoy the yard safely and securely, even when you’re in the house or away from home. We have designs that connect to your house or garage as well as freestanding areas, and each have gate you can open easily.


Installation Experts

Kondel Hahn Chainlink Fencing installs all of the products we’ve talked about, working with residential, commercial, and municipal properties. Our team will consult with you to determine the fencing materials, quantity, and size. Then we will schedule an installation appointment for the near future and complete your new fence usually within one day. We will communicate with you effectively throughout the process, informing you of any unexpected issues or additional suggestions throughout the process.


Fencing Repair Experts

If your fence is rusty, has become loose, has a hole in it, the gate latch is broken, or you have any other problem, our construction experts also make fencing repairs. We can install replacement sections of fence, re-secure loose fence posts, fix gate latches, and patch holes. Our goal is to save money through a repair service over installing a completely new fence whenever possible.